2014 Advocacy and capacity building on Culture for sustainable development among newly devolved governments

2011-2012, ‘Unearthing the Gems of Culture, Mapping exercise for Kenya’s Creative and Cultural Industries
November 18, 2012
2013-2014 International Cooperation with Korea-ACRI & Korean Heritage Foundation/CHF
November 18, 2014

22nd-23rd April 2014, Capacity building workshop on Culture targeting Counties done in collaboration between National Museums of Kenya (NMK) and African Cultural Regeneration Institute (ACRI).

Building on UNESCO's longstanding advocacy of demonstrating the link between culture and development, NMK and ACRI organized a capacity building workshop to demonstrate culture's indispensable role in sustainable development- as a source of strength, values and social cohesion, of self-esteem and participation, as described by UNESCO's Director General.

With the adoption of the 2010 constitution in Kenya, the national government devolved to the counties many cultural functions and responsibilities while receiving each financial year government funding as per the new law. It was therefore paramount that cultural heritage stakeholders in the Counties were made aware of the many facets of culture, which can be embraced and developed into profitability, and of those that do not add value to the well-being of communities that they serve.

Key topics covered

  1. What is culture? - Introduction/definitions, UNESCO Conventions on Culture and obligations of the State party.
  2. Culture as a driver for sustainable development - culture as an enabler for social development/ Culture for economic development/Creative Cultural Economy with successful case studies in Africa and beyond.
  3. Culture and partnerships - various institutions with relevant mandates that are potential partners in implementing their devolved mandates.