Hybrid and Virtual events and international collaborations on cultural music events

Babu’s Fireplace
November 25, 2021

Responding to this global COVID-19 pandemic crisis, innovating through use of technology and internet on cultural exchange and collaborations, supporting cultural practitioners and artists to get visible in their activities beyond their countries/geographical borders taking advantage of the current situation where global audiences are very active online consuming cultural content.

This approach provides an opportunity for these cultural practitioners and creatives especially from Kenya to showcase/share what they can do that would not have been possible before without facing international travel barriers and high cost implications. The events are being held in ACRI’s space under development to support culture and creativity with safe hybrid outdoor events being hosted to support youthful creatives since 2020.

Social media event handles:

The North-Over Experience #NorthOverExperience

A safe hybrid outdoor entertainment and learning experience event with a limited number of participants as per Kenya’s Ministry of Health COVID19 protocols observing social distance while in their cars and social distanced seating while watching and with a paying or sponsored online live streaming component. This is by finding a way for artists to be economically empowered at this time by providing wholesome entertainment to their audiences and value for money for the sponsors.
The participants/beneficiaries have been youth /young adults from school going age, college/universities, their alumni of 18 years to around 40 years presenting fresh high quality visual and performing arts entertainment. The content featured music/bands, DJ mixes and Karaoke, Movie screening with Question & Answer sessions with film crew, etc.

Current International collaboration: 2021 Kenya-India online artist interactions, cultural music virtual exchange and events #KenyaIndiaCulturalMusicExchange

At the beginning of the 2021, we had planned a Kenya-India online cultural music festival which was to be held in May 2021. The High Commissioner for India in Kenya has supported this initiative since we went to see him and he tweeted about it.

The expected impact of this activity;

  1. A good rapprochement of cultures between the two countries which already have a diaspora and many ongoing economic activities.
  2. Expanding audiences for the cultural creative work beyond the two countries.
  3. Revitalize the traditional artists’ music for better appreciation, benefit from their knowledge and skills, giving them an opportunity to thrive thus better safeguarded.
  4. Open diverse opportunities for the youthful artists and other creatives involved to showcase their potential, open up more collaboration opportunities globally and get on board more sponsors to support their activities.
  5. Marketing the two collaborating countries to each other and to the world for diverse opportunities that exist e.g. tourism, business etc.